Solar Energy

Solar Starts with You

Although every solar panel is powered by the same sun, no two solar solutions are the same. Every residential and commercial project requires a specific plan with specific implementation needs. We deliver those custom solutions every time.

Your Home Environment

When we usually think of solar, we think of the outdoor environment, but the real question is the interior environment. How are you consuming energy in your home eco-system? After all, someone else living in your same house would have a totally different energy profile. Is your usage conducive to a solar panel system?  Global Solar Network will help you answer these questions and develop a custom solar solution that saves you money.

Our Proven Process

We start every installation with an assessment of your specific energy needs. This includes a detailed analysis of your home, its location, and your daily usage. We then design a personal energy system around those needs utilizing one or a selection of leading technologies, including: solar, batteries, demand managers, and other smart energy management devices. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter solution, so we never offer one. All Global Solar Network’s systems are fully custom to meet your goals.

Committed to you evert step of the way

  • Evaluation: We conduct an initial examination of your property and past utility bills to determine how much electricity you consume and when.
  • Design : We do a preliminary design that addresses your solar energy goals, and then provide you with a no-obligation estimate and initial ROI calculation.
  • Inspection: If you choose to move ahead, we will conduct a thorough, on-site inspection of your roof and structures to verify our preliminary design, and make any final alterations to the system configuration.
  • Financing: We will help you explore various financing options, and provide you with details about solar incentives available in your area that can help you offset as much as 30% of the purchase price.
  • Installation: Once financing is secure, we will schedule your installation. This can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months, depending on time of year and workload.
  • Commissioning:  Your electric utility will make the final connection to the grid. Depending on the time of year and workload, this can occur a few days, or several weeks after your system is installed.

Current Incentives

30% Federal Tax Credit $0 Out of Pocket Financing State Incentives (varies from state to state) No Increase in your bill

We provide service in most states

We have a network of providers throughout the country to serve you.